Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Bath Tubs & MacKenzie-Childs, New York


A beautiful  MC-inspired bathroom was recently posted on the MacKenzie Childs blog.  My first thought was: Been there! I was personally at that said bathroom in 2019 during their last live MC Barn Sale event.  See my pictures below.  So happy that Hubby had agreed to go out of his way after our Family Reunion in Canada.  

This year will be two years in a row that MC will not hold their annual barn sale. Darn you, Covid 19! 😕😠

Barn Sale 2021

After careful consideration, we have decided to hold our iconic Barn Sale only online again this summer to keep our customers and employees safe during these uncertain times.

For those who enjoy shopping MacKenzie-Childs in person, you can look forward to the launch of The Outlet in Aurora, New York, which opens in May. This store, which replaces the current store in Aurora, will be our permanent, full-time outlet and will stock the types of items that are historically carried at the Barn Sale.

To learn more details about the Online Barn Sale, including when it will be held, and The Outlet in Aurora, sign up for email updates or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. (by MC email)

At the MC Store

Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, 
be thou my helper. (Psalm 30 ) 

An MC-Inspired Bathroom


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