Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chanel: Cruise 2011 Bag

Various Bags from Cruise 2011
Paris - St. Tropez

courtesy of SA Laura

Chanel: Ice Pearls Ring

Ice Pearls Ring
in Black or White

Chanel: Chain Around 2011 Bag

Chain-Around Bag
Cruise 2011

Chanel: Gingham 2011

Gingham Long Necklace with Bows

Gingham Bag

Chanel: Cuff Bracelet

Jet Set Oversize Cuff / Bracelet
Cruise 2011

Chanel: Summer Flaps Bag

Cruise 2011

Chanel: Classic Flap Bag 2011

Cruise 2011
Classic Flap Bag

Chanel: Patent Leather Bag Cruise 2011

Paris - St. Tropez

Chanel: Chain Around Bag

Cruise 2011

Chanel: Chain Bag

I ♥ Chanel's Soft and Chain Bag

Chanel: Coco Cocoon Suitcase Travel Bag

Travel in style with Chanel

Chanel: Timeless Clutch Bag

Chanel: Ballet Flats

Arctic Satin Flats / Shoes