Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chanel: Caviar GST Bag

Grand Shopping Tote Bag in Beige Caviar Leather with Gold HW  $ 2125

Jimmy Choo: Cute Shoes!

Basic Pumps called "Lambert"  in Faux Croc $ 545

"Orion" Sandals in black and gold for $ 745

"Nepal" - mock Croc in black and red for $ 535

Chanel: Blazer or Jacket 4K

Brand new and have all sizes (34-50) for $ 3590

SA: Peter, BGny

Chanel: Maxi Bags

Black,  Caviar Maxi with Silver HW $ 2895

Navy, Maxi in Lambskin with Silver HW $ 3195

Red, Maxi Lambskin$ 3195

Chanel: Alligator Bag (Dark Camel) 29K

Medium, Alligator Classic Bag 
in dark camel with Silver HW
 for $ 28,950

Chanel: Alligator Bag 27K

Small (?) Alligator Bag
 with Mademoiselle Closure
 $ 26,500

Small (?) Red alligator bag 
with Gold HW for $ 26,950

Chanel: Reissue Tote Bag (Burgundy)

Burgundy, Reissue Tote Bag with Ruthinium HW for $ 2400

Shown below with Reissue WOCs

Marc Jacobs: Leather Jacket

To match your Balenciaga Bag in the previous blog entry, why not add this Marc Jacobs Motorcyle Jacket?
Only $ 2200

Balenciaga: City Bag (Brown)

Happy New Year 2010!!!!

Brown City Bag Brown with Silver HW for $ 1695

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chanel: Petite Timeless Tote PTT (Black)

I this bag by Chanel !
the PTT in Black Caviar with Gold HW $ 2125

from SA: Peter, BGny

Chanel: Medium Alligator Classic Bag (Red)

Medium, Classic Bag in  Red Alligator
with Gold HW $ 26,950

Prada: Ostrich Bag (Orange)

Orange Ostrich Bag with Gold HW $ 5850

Fendi: Peek A Boo (Red)

Red, Peek-a-Boo with the Dark Center and Zucca lining for $ 1980
Also available in watersnake for $ 5740

Chanel: Reissue WOC Bag (Black, Bronze, or Burgundy)

Black, Bronze or Burgundy Reissue WOC
 with Ruthenium HW for $ 1425

Fendi: Fortune Tote Bag

Anyone know the background of the name/design?  Just curious...
Fendi's  "Fortune" Tote Bag $ 870

Chanel: Bubble Quilt Bag (Medium)

Black, MEDIUM Bubble Quilt Bag  with Gold HW  $ 2995

Yves Saint Laurent: Exclusive Muse Bag

Red (this shade exclusive to BG) Muse Bag with Silver HW $ 2790

Chanel: Hair Clip

Hair clip for $ 680

BG New York

Chanel: Coco Cocoon

$ 2400

Chanel: Sandals

Camellia flip flops for $ 345

Chanel: Camellia Bag (Satin)

Satin Clutch Bag with the Camellia Flower & Gold HW for $ 1095
Also available in Black Lambskin for $ 1150
Artwork by Jill

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chanel: Lido Bag

White quilted tote with black trim and Silver HW $ 2495

Chloe: Parety Bag

$ 1895

Fendi: Monogram Bag

$ 1225

Chanel: Various Bracelets

 $ 1760

Gold-coin Bracelet for $ 660

 $ 635

Chanel: Alligator Bag 23K (Dark Brown)

Dark-Brown Satchel 
with Gold HW
 for $ 22,950

Chanel: Caviar 31 Hobo Bag

Black, Caviar Hobo bag with a Ruthenium HW/Chain  $ 2525

Chanel: Maxi Alligator Bag (Navy Blue)

Maxi Bag in Navy Alligator
 with Ruthenium HW 
for $ 30,500

Prada: Ostrich Executive Tote Bag

Triple-pocket, Ostrich executive tote Gold HW for $ 6750

From SA, Peter
BG, ny

Balenciaga: City Bag (Pink)

Pink City Bag with Brass HW $ 1395

Chanel: Cuff Bracelet

SALE @ BGny!  Originally $2945, now $ 1179
Peter, SA

Chanel: Lizard Bag 12K

Lizard Classic Bag with Ruthinium HW for $ 12,100

Christian Louboutin: Beaute Strass

120mm Crystal peep-toe in Fuschia Satin for $ 2225