Thursday, February 27, 2020

FENDI: Fun Facts

Here is some trivia for the Fendi-brand fans out there: 

1.  Fendi discontinued all of their Fendi fragrances in Year 2015. (Thus, what you see out there is old stock)

"The commercial development of Fendi perfume did not meet the expectations of the company." - LVMH
pc: Fendi

2. Five Facts about the FF logo and Karl Lagerfeld

A. The FF logo was first created by Karl Lagerfeld when he joined Fendi in 1965 to highlight the brand's creativity and innovation in its usage of fur. -lofficielusa

B.  To create the FF logo, Karl Lagerfeld sketched the letters together in less than 5 seconds. - lofficielusa

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

When in Doubt, Wear Red

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Do you know who said the quote and made it famous?  Scroll down for the answer.

pc: unknown

pc: unknown

pc: Giorgio Armani