Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chanel: Jumbo Classic Flap Bag Spring 2010

Spring 2010
Jumbo Classic Lambskin Bag
in Coral
with brushed-gold HW


  1. hiii!! my mum is going to America and i really want to get this bag..i havent seen it IRL though, does the colour look the same as in photos? Do you by any chance have the style code for it? Thanks a lot

  2. Hi! Isn't the bag lovely?! For more info on this particular bag, please email the SA at:

  3. thanks for replying! i'll email her ..may I get your name pls so I can let the SA know who referred me to her?

  4. You can tell her Mrs R.E. referred you. You may give her the link to my blog if she wants it.

  5. hi!! sorry for bothering you again..I emailed your SA, Laura but no reply from her yet. Does she usually reply quickly or it takes a while? just wondering if maybe my email has gone to her junk mail..