Monday, April 5, 2010

Louis Vuitton: How to Avoid Fakes

There are several signs to indicate a fake Louis Vuitton (no matter how glowing and re-assuring the auction description may have been or how low the Seller makes you feel for questioning her).  So, what's so horribly wrong with the fakes?  You be the judge:

(a) Color Shade Difference.  Th Pochette 26 is Authentic

(b)Frayed Stitches

(c)Un-even Stitching/ Gaps in stitching

(d)Awful Leather Quality

(e) Un-even Stitching

(f) Below: Authentic Bag's Font is on the Right
Fake bag on Left, can't quite copy it exactly
Note the wrong spacing between lines on the Fake (left)

(g) Correct/Authentic Vuittonite Lining in on the Right
fake's vuittonite lining, left,  has wider bumps

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